Free SEO Review: Ask The Geeks!

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Here at Geek Powered Studios, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new web series called “Ask The Geeks” where we review user submitted websites and provide advice to the community on marketing best practices. Our aim for the series is to help small businesses with marketing ideas, and…

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12 Reasons An SEO Company Won’t Get Your Results

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Video Transcript: Do they rank for their own keywords?  An SEO company that doesn’t rank for their own key words, is like hiring a mechanic that’s unable to fix his own car.  Why would you hire someone that can’t do for themselves what they are trying to do for you, let alone try and charge you so much money to do for you?  So make sure that a company actually ranks–they showup in search engine results–for keywords that they’re trying to optimize for.  So for example, if you’re trying to rank for something in San Antonio, type in ”SEO San Antonio” or ”San Antonio SEO” and see if this company actually ranks on that front page.  If they’re unable to rank their own company, what in the world makes you think that they’re going to be able to…

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