The Growth Equation That Every Business Should Know

Growth hacking is becoming a hot topic everywhere, but within the search marketing industry it is growing quite rapidly. Growth hacking is a methodology that involves making incremental changes across a variety of marketing channels with the goal of getting the biggest returns from limited resources. Many startups look to growth hacking to build their user bases since startups typically face heavy limitations on time and financial resources.

Why You Shouldn’t Search For Your Own PPC Ads

Every so often we receive a call from a client asking why they aren’t seeing their Google PPC ads show up when they search for their main keywords. Certainly it could be frustrating to see that you are missing opportunities to show up in front of potential customers but searching for your own ad is deceiving, and can actually harm your campaign in the long run. In this post I will explain why you should never search for your own ads, and show you a trick that you can use to see your ads in real time without compromising your campaign.

The Role of UX in SEO

A large portion of what we do as SEOs is strategize to attract more traffic to a website, whether it be through paid channels (Google Adwords, Social Advertising) or organic (linkbuilding, on-page optimization, outreach, etc.) Attracting new traffic is no easy task since it involves high costs for things like content development and content promotion, and high time investment from employees…