How Duplicate Content Hurts Your Website

If you make it a point to routinely post content that is interesting, timely, and optimized for keywords, you’re already making strides toward positive trends in SEO. On the other side of this coin, however, is duplicate content. Unlike original content, duplicate content actively hurts your site’s performance due to the algorithmic preferences of search engines.

will seo die

Fact or Fiction: SEO is Going to Die

Search engines are getting better. This makes ranking well on them more difficult. You have to write content that’s high-quality, thorough, and user-friendly. All of this is good news. It means that, when searching, you’ll have a better user experience for the results you see on Google. But does this mean that search engines are getting so good that, soon, SEO will become obsolete?

Why is it Important to Switch to HTTPS?

Web security is a crucial element to the overall health of your site. Security ensures users can access your site safely, preferably through HTTPS instead of HTTP. HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, adds a layer of protection to your website, making it harder to theoretically peer into your website and capture sensitive user information.

Google Just Axed Dynamic Search Results

Google announced that they have killed the dynamic version of their desktop search results known as “Instant Search.” Rolled out in 2010, Instant Search was a feature that would dynamically change the search results in Google as you typed, without the user needing to press “Enter”. For example, if you typed “taco” into the search bar…