How to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization in Ecommerce

What is Keyword Cannibalization? Cannibalization is a frightening word and while it can seem a bit dramatic as a digital marketing term, it can still be quite terrifying for an online store owner. Keyword cannibalization is when multiple pages on a website compete for the same/similar keyword(s). This can be extremely detrimental to SEO efforts…

How Content Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Getting your business to rank organically is all about SEO and content marketing. When you combine best SEO practices with a clever content marketing strategy, it will quickly become difficult for competitors to outrank you for your top keywords. Better yet, you won’t even have to pay for it. Before we go through the benefits…

Benefits of Local Link Building

For many websites, local link building is the missing puzzle piece to cultivating a comprehensive and successful SEO campaign. Creating solid content and building a technically sound website is a fairly straightforward process for most professional SEOs and digital marketing agencies. However, designing and implementing a modern local backlinking system and profile can elude even…

How Duplicate Content Hurts Your Website

If you make it a point to routinely post content that is interesting, timely, and optimized for keywords, you’re already making strides toward positive trends in SEO. On the other side of this coin, however, is duplicate content. Unlike original content, duplicate content actively hurts your site’s performance due to the algorithmic preferences of search engines.

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Fact or Fiction: SEO is Going to Die

Search engines are getting better. This makes ranking well on them more difficult. You have to write content that’s high-quality, thorough, and user-friendly. All of this is good news. It means that, when searching, you’ll have a better user experience for the results you see on Google. But does this mean that search engines are getting so good that, soon, SEO will become obsolete?