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"Geek Powered Studios literally put us on the map after struggling to get people through the door. We have a large influx of new and current patients and consistently rank top 3. We suggest Geeks to anyone looking to increase traffic to their business."
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Dr. Brian Griffin DC, MSN, FNP-C

After 2 years of working with us, they experienced a

99% increase in new users and saw a 175% increase in leads, resulting in 2,027 overall leads vs 736 in previous years.


Greater Austin Pain Center was looking for a digital marketing agency to help improve its web presence so they could generate more leads online. As an Austin-based business, they wanted to find an Austin-based digital marketing provider. That’s when they found Geek Powered Studios, and our businesses turned out to be a great fit. Through top-notch web design, SEO, and PPC advertising, Greater Austin Pain Center enjoys an average of over 200 leads per month thanks to their now dominant web presence. Geek Powered Studios took the pain out of working with a digital marketing agency for Greater Austin Pain Center thanks to incredible web design paired with proven and results-oriented strategies and optimization. 

Our Roles

  • Website Redesign and Ongoing UX Enhancements
  • Local SEO and Service Page Expansions
  • Google Ads Campaign Management and Optimization
  • Lead Tracking and Confirming Quality


  • 27% conversion rate increase from Q3 to Q4 for 2021
  • 30% increase in site speed
  • Over 290 1st Page Organic Keywords
  • 31.4% Increase in goal completion since 2020

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Client Story

When we first met the team at Blue Tree Health in 2015, they were a small weight loss coaching and chiropractic service provider in Austin. They relied on a mix of Groupon coupons and social media content to entice their clientele. Despite their best efforts, the team needed help to create a new strategy to reach their desired growth goals. They knew digital marketing was the right approach but were unsure where to start.

Roughly a year later, Blue Tree Health had a profitable marketing strategy, a brand-new website, and thousands of paying customers. They’re now one of the leading weight loss clinics in the Austin area and one of our most successful clients.



Beginning the Campaign

Based on their keyword rankings, we knew there was a significant opportunity to acquire new keywords with SEO and improve the rankings of keywords the site was already targeting. That's why our first priority centered around all things content. We started by creating a formal content strategy—centered around targeting keywords and phrases that had the potential to bring in more organic traffic. We then optimized and created content around those topics on the site pages—starting with the homepage, following up with the Keto Program page, and then the B-12 shots and Lipoden Injection pages, respectively.

We also conducted a comprehensive competitor audit and found additional opportunities to target new keywords. Based on these findings, we created a new Medical Weight Loss Clinic page to target a broad family of local "weight loss clinic" keywords. This new page helped Blue Tree Health acquire dozens of new keywords, significantly increasing the amount of website traffic from organic search.

As Blue Tree Health’s business expanded, we created additional pages to target a broad array of keywords, including pages for their HCG diet and Semaglutide and Tirzepatide weight loss programs. Through these pages, we’ve helped the team at Blue Tree acquire new customers and increase their reach.

Before After

How We Did It:

Content & Design

When working with a new client, one of the first tasks we take on is what is referred to in the industry as "site-wide optimizations." This is to make sure that the titles and meta descriptions of our clients' web pages accurately reflect their content. We completed Blue Tree's site-wide optimization as quickly as possible to ensure that Google would accurately index their content, creating the foundation we needed to further their SEO success.

Additionally, we compressed images on Blue Tree's website—thereby decreasing the amount of time it took for the website to load, improving their user experience and decreasing their bounce rate. We also updated the JSON-LD code, making sure it was up-to-date and accurately describing the content on the page. Finally, we administered a redirect audit, making sure any broken links or 404 errors were corrected, while giving search engines the correct URLs to index.

Overall, these optimizations improved Blue Tree Health's SEO significantly, making them easier to find online while improving the user experience in the process.

Regarding design, the rebuild of the website focused on elevating the brand to a more usable and modern design while staying consistent with the brand. We focused on building the website is user-friendly and easy to edit. This involved building many components interlinked across the site, making pricing changes easier and quicker.

Consistency and user experience were also a driving factor in creating templates for services, to make scanning the information more intuitive for users and potential patients. We also implemented a quiz for patients to take to better help them understand their needs and how BTH can help them with their weight loss services.


How We Did It:

Local SEO Campaigns

Content Updates

The first few years working with Blue Tree, our focus was on making sure all the service pages on their website were generating as much traffic as possible. However, we also acknowledged that in order to be successful, we had to do more than just bring in traffic. We needed to create content that would entice website visitors to convert. 

To accomplish this, we added several new pages, including a new gallery page, a handy BMI calculator page, and a comprehensive pricing page. We also filled existing pages with new content and new visuals. For example, by adding FAQs to all of Blue Tree’s weight loss program pages, as well as testimonials to their homepage, we were able to improve Blue Tree’s conversion rates by as much as 20%.

Local Citation Building 

Google My Business Optimization 

Another way we improved Blue Tree’s local SEO ranking as quickly as we did was by optimizing their Google My Business (GMB) profile in several ways. First, we optimized the profile description and its listed services with keywords relevant to the business. Second, we added all relevant information about the business, such as contact details, hours of operation, and the website URL, to ensure that this information was easy for potential customers to find. Finally, we added images, customer reviews, and relevant posts to the profile to make it more visually appealing and engaging.

While these updates didn't guarantee overnight success, they did set the business up for long-term success by optimizing their profile for local SEO. This improved business visibility in local searches, allowing them to reach more customers more easily.

Blog Optimizations

Once Blue Tree’s service pages were properly optimized with quality content, we began creating new content for their blog, mainly to supplement the keyword rankings of their service pages. By targeting relevant long-tail search queries and creating an internal linking structure, connecting the blogs, service pages, and other relevant pages, we were able to increase organic traffic and improve their website rankings even more. 

We also regularly added new content to their micro-blog on their Google My Business profile to keep locals informed of their latest products, services, and promotions. This included sharing links to the blogs on their website, creating new posts about special offers and discounts, and highlighting upcoming events and activities.

Link Building

Another factor that contributed to Blue Tree Health's success was link building–the process of creating backlinks from external websites to another, which is done by strategically building links through guest blogging and directory submissions.

By conducting link outreach focused on diet blogs and health-focused content sites, we were able to help Blue Tree acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in their niche. Moreover, by building links on relevant directories with a 50+ authority score, we provided Blue Tree with additional backlinks from trusted sources, further increasing their website's authority. Ultimately, this resulted in significantly higher keyword rankings and an overall increase in organic traffic and organic visibility.

Local SEO Results

In their first year alone, the number of keywords that Blue Tree ranked for more than doubled, and their organic conversions, which, for the first six months, averaged out to only one or two conversions per month, skyrocketed to an average of 30 or more conversions per month.

Additionally, their website traffic increased over 100% in their first year, and their average time on page increased to over 1 minute on average (a good sign that users were actively engaged in reading the content on them). They also saw a significant increase in their domain authority and SERP rankings, and the number of backlinks to their website increased fivefold. Finally, their overall website visibility increased substantially, leading to an increase in their brand awareness and loyalty overall.

Blue Tree Health now ranks for dozens of local, intent-driven keywords directly related to the services they provide. In the years since, we’ve expanded their site to include all 6 of their highly successful weight loss plans, as well as ancillary services like B-12 and lipoden shots, food sensitivity tests, and body contouring services.

2016 vs 2017 Metrics

How We Did It:

Google Adwords Advertising

The high level of competition within the weight loss space presented a digital advertising challenge in getting an adequate number of qualified leads for Blue Tree Health's desired services, which spanned from general weight loss plans to specific weight loss procedures. Blue Tree Health provided extensive content about each of their services thanks to extensive investments in SEO and content expansion, as well as a large customer list. The Geeks could use the client's customer list and site content to experiment with a new campaign type by Google– Performance Max.

With automated bidding strategies, the customer list, and content provided by our design team, we leveraged the content on-hand to begin experimenting with Performance Max campaigns. The ever-moving target of optimal bidding was addressed using data-driven automated bidding. The quality of leads was enhanced by using the client's customer list to assist Google’s machine learning in attracting the right kind of leads. 

Using Performance Max as a supplement to the existing high-performing Search and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns, we were able to achieve a 271% increase in overall conversions, a 50% decrease in account-wide cost per lead, and a 32% increase in conversion rate compared to the previous year.

Using Performance Max as a supplement to the existing high-performing Ad campaigns, we were able to achieve a

271% increase in overall conversions, a 50% decrease in account-wide cost per lead, and a 32% increase in conversion rate compared to the previous year.

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