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  • Fully-staffed web design company based in Austin, TX. 

Clients We've Helped Grow

Make Your Next Website Awesome.

At Geek Powered Studios, we specialize in mobile and search engine friendly websites that will help your business increase traffic and sales. We're proud to be one of the most trusted web design companies in Austin, TX.

Our award winning team works collaboratively with you to convert visitors into customers and reach your marketing goals. Our team has extensive experience building optimized WordPress and Webflow websites for businesses and Shopify sites for e-commerce businesses.

No matter the project, be it a one-off redesign or a rebuild for a full-service client, all of our websites are SEO-forward. Our websites provide a better return on investment for our clients as they drive new users and conversions to help them meet their business goals.

Rank Higher

Your site is going to be optimized and ready to rank. Our team of technical SEO geeks were nominated for 'best small seo agency' by the US Search Awards.

Ultra-Fast Site Speed

We calculate ideal conversion rates & implement search engine optimization Initiatives.

Convert Visitors To Customers

We'll combine our insights from your data with our proven best practices to create a high converting design.

Mobile Friendly

We'll create a great experience on mobile so you can convert more mobile users.


High Converting Websites Built
Average Increase in Organic Traffic
Average Increase in Conversion Rate

Webflow is our new ⚔️ of choice.

With the ability to take designs to production in a fraction of the time it takes to build with custom code or heavyweight plugins, we have seen an overall increase in time to live, quality of design, and overall conversion rate.

Sales Machines We've Built


Web design  |  SEO  |  Graphic design

Stan's Heating, Air & Plumbing

Web design  |  SEO  |  Graphic design | PPC

The Last Resort Recovery

Web design  |  SEO  |  Graphic design

Continental Green Produce

Web design  |  SEO  |  Graphic design

San Antonio Eye Specialists

Web design  |  SEO  |  Graphic design

Serview Home Pros

Web design  |  SEO  |  Graphic design

Fuse Architecture

Web design  |  SEO  |  Graphic design

Southwestern Home Products

Web design  |  SEO  |  Graphic design

Our web design process is based on understanding your business.

Deep Dive Audit

For every client that we take on, our Geeks do extensive research into the business’s digital marketing presence, competitive landscape, and existing website design. Our team will audit your site from a design perspective, technical perspective, and marketing perspective, to get a full picture of your site’s potential. We’ll then collaborate on a set of comprehensive recommendations, compile a client-facing Creative Brief, and present our action plan to your in-house team.

Mockup & Wireframe

Once we get approval on our Creative Brief, we’ll begin the process of strategically building out the important pages on your site. This stage includes a set of collaborative meetings and quality checks where our Geeks visually draft up the aesthetic nature of these pages. Once these wireframes have been fine-tuned, our content writers and designers will begin creating the full-length page drafts and return them to the design team for the mock-up stage. 

Site Build & Design

Once the initial landing page mock-ups are compiled, our process allows all of our teams to take passes at improvements, recommendations, and quality assurance initiatives. By the time your site design makes it back to you, it will have been fully fleshed out. One we have your feedback, we can make all of the adjustments needed to push your new site live.

Optimize & Enhance

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Our business is steeped in gaming entertainment, animation, and pop culture, and the Geek Powered team's knowledge of and passion for our industry made them the perfect partner as we looked to expand our audience acquisition and monetization efforts. They're a pleasure to work with and are great at balancing multiple campaigns and complicated goals across different business units.

- Eric Duncan
Director of Marketing

We could not have successfully launched our new website without the Geek Powered team as partners. They quickly learned the unique needs of our business -- daily releases, varied product mixes, and distinct customer bases -- and applied those learnings to maximize the potential of the new site. They’re tremendous partners whose incredible and flexible team members bring wells of expertise to realize our goals together for the benefit of our customers, our team, and business. 

- David Rancatore
Senior Director of Operations

"Geek Powered Studios' team delivered an incredible design for us! We highly recommend them to businesses looking to grow!“

- Juan Torres
VP of Business Operation

We Geek,You Profit.

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