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How A Ophthalmology Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Grow Your Practice 

Are you a practicing ophthalmologist eager to grow your practice? Have you heard that ophthalmology digital marketing can help?

It’s true: digital marketing is a fantastic way to engage with your patrons, market your services, and drive sales in a way that’s measurable, profitable, and honest. But it helps to know how it can help before you enroll in the journey. 

Fortunately, we’re here to show you how. Read on to learn how optimizing the following facets of digital marketing can help you grow your ophthalmology practice, and find out how you can benefit by working with a digital marketing agency. 

Ophthalmology SEO

Do you offer “comprehensive eye care,” “cataract surgery,” “laser vision correction,” or “LASIK”? Odds are, your patrons are using these very words to find businesses like yours online. In fact, while referrals remain important, most prospective patients typically begin their search for medical services online, using search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO—short for search engine optimization—is the art and science of making web pages attractive to search engines. By working with an ophthalmology SEO agency, you can leverage the hundreds of factors that impact whether your pages rank. This can ensure your practice shows up for keywords relevant to your business (and the services you offer), supplying it with a recurring source of leads and revenue. 

Did you know? There are over 51,600 million searches for “ophthalmology” each year and over 3.6 million searches for “eye doctor.” Any one of them could be a new patron for your ophthalmology practice—and a lifetime customer at that. 

Local SEO For Ophthalmology And LASIK

Local search terms like “LASIK near me” and “ophthalmology near me,’ are hot search queries that can be further leveraged to bring local search traffic to your site and to your practice. You can work with a ophthalmology seo specialist through your ophthalmology marketing agency to target city-based keywords, and take the necessary steps to ensure that you rank for those local queries that are relevant to your practice. 

Image of local-intent driven ophthalmology keywords

Ophthalmology PPC Advertising 

SEO isn’t the only way to bring qualified leads to your practice. PPC advertising—using Google Ads—is an effective way to target search queries that are difficult to rank for through SEO. You can work with an ophthalmology or LASIK marketing agency to target keywords like “Austin LASIK” or “Austin eye doctor” that are inherently competitive—and, by definition, extremely lucrative. 

This image shows that there are 500 monthly searches for the keyword "LASIK Austin"

Ophthalmology Social Media Marketing

People like working with people who are reputable, reliable, and friendly. And, odds are, so do your patients. Social media marketing for ophthalmologists is a phenomenal way to engage with your current (and future) patrons where they already are online, and to provide helpful content and advertising that boosts your brand reputation and profits. 

By working with an experienced ophthalmology marketing agency or a LASIK marketing agency, you’ll have around-the-clock access to an entire team of social marketing experts, who can help you optimize your social media presence. They’ll streamline your Facebook ad budgets, post engaging Instagram photos, and share effective research-driven posts on your Linked In page—helping capitalize on all the benefits that social media marketing has to offer. 

Pro tip: Word of mouth is an effective technique that can be used to spread the word about your business, and there’s no better way to leverage it than through social media. By consistently engaging with your patrons online, you can grow an audience that does some of your marketing for you. Spreading your content further, pushing your promotions faster, and, possibly, driving qualified traffic to your practice. 

Ophthalmology Website Design

Making it easy for your patrons to find your ophthalmology practice online is only the first part of an effective LASIK digital marketing strategy. Helping them navigate your business’s website and turn a visit to a lead is the second, and it’s even more important. With 88% of consumers unlikely to return to a website after just one bad experience, it’s essential that your website is easy to use and navigate. That way, your site visitors (and future patients) will easily be able to find what they’re looking for when they’re using your site.

Having a website that’s user-friendly is even more important for medical service sites—where patron’s will expect to be able to learn about treatment options or book an appointment online. You can work with a professional ophthalmology digital marketing agency to maximize the user experience and functionality of your site, to ensure that it wins you new patients instead of losing them.

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