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Results are the bottom line.  Ophthalmology is a competitive niche and a reputable, knowledgeable marketing agency is paramount.  Geek Powered Studios came highly recommended and they strive to deliver.
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Nader Iskander, MD, FACS
San Antonio Eye Specialists Founder & Medical Director

Thorough tracking paired with quality ads and keyword choice resulted in a massive

196% Increase in the number of leads

that the business generated through Google Ads.


After spending thousands of dollars a month in advertising with their current agency and not seeing the results they wanted, San Antonio Eye Specialists knew they needed a change in their digital strategy.

Within just six months of working with Geek Powered, San Antonio Eye Specialists achieved record-breaking sales months with the ability to track every lead so they could continue to invest in the proper channels to further grow.

Our Roles

  • Complete Website Redesign & Build
  • SEO Strategy & Content
  • Sitemap Structure
  • Digital Advertising: Google & Facebook
  • Lead Tracking


  • 196% Increase in the number of leads through paid channels
  • Cost Per Lead as low as $20/lead
  • 18% Increase in site speed
  • 156% Increase in organic leads year over year

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Client Story

Dr. Iskander is an established medical director and lead surgeon at San Antonio Eye Specialists. With a website that wasn’t representative of their business and poor experiences with agencies in the past, San Antonio Eye Specialists reached out to the Geeks for an overhaul of their digital presence.

The firm had spent thousands of dollars on advertising and was not seeing a return on its investment whatsoever. With incorrect messaging in their ads and technical and graphical issues on the website, the business was struggling to generate leads in a meaningful way online. For the leads that did come through, no tracking was established on the website.

Geek Powered Studios gave San Antonio Eye Specialists a total online facelift, from their website to ads, graphic design, and SEO. Over the past year, the doctors at San Antonio Eye Specialists are enjoying the fruits of our labor, with a 67% increase in overall leads across all digital channels.



Beginning the Campaign

With a technically and graphically flawed website, our first course of action was to fix the most egregious of glitches while establishing redirects from unnecessary pages to more relevant pages on the site. While the website wasn’t generating many leads at first, we knew that we had to set up tracking to properly decide on what marketing channels to invest in. That means tracking the source of all form fills and phone calls to ensure we’re putting our efforts and budget into the right places.

Before After

How We Did It:

Content & Design

With San Antonio Eye Specialists, we provided them a complete and comprehensive redesign of their website, fully optimized to convert and generate leads. We crafted and updated on-page content alongside the client for each and every service that they offer. The result? Expert-level content designed to dominate search engines.

Based on Google’s July 2021 Page Experience update, we converted the site to to enhance site speed abide by Google’s Core WebVital requirements. The results speak for themselves:


Along with the want for cutting-edge design, another pain point that San Antonio Eye Specialists mentioned was in the SEO and PPC departments. They wanted the firm to be more visible online, and we delivered accordingly.

How We Did It:

Local SEO Campaigns

San Antonio Eye Specialists primarily services the city of their namesake, and ranking within San Antonio was their primary concern. We developed service pages targeting San Antonio keywords, built citations to build local authority across the web, and performed additional local link-building tasks to dial in on their service area on the SERPs.

Location Targeting

To target San Antonio-based keywords relevant to their business, we built pages unique to each of the services that the business provides with a focus on their San Antonio office location. Along with keyword-targeted content, we leveraged local schema markups to further improve the local relevance of the business.

Location Citation Building

Having consistent and accurate business listings across online directories is key for both informing users and search engines. Using Moz Local, as well as manual efforts, we’ve built and improved countless local citations for the business to improve the consistency of their business information online.

Local Link-building

Leveraging communities like Help A Reporter Out (HARO), as well as partnerships with local universities, news stations, and government agencies, have allowed us to further increase the authority and local relevancy of San Antonio Eye Specialists through these hyper-targeted link building techniques.

Local SEO Results

Through our highly detailed and meticulous SEO strategizing, we were able to increase the organic leads of the business by 156% year over year. These are qualified and profitable leads that San Antonio Eye Specialists generate without having to pay each time a person clicks on their website. They’re being naturally discovered when people type in things like “Cataract surgery San Antonio”, “Eye surgery San Antonio”, “LASIK San Antonio”, among a slew of other high-search volume, locally targeted keywords for which they rank on the first page.

When it comes to SEO, achieving the rankings is only half of the battle. On-going work comes into play as you maintain those rankings through continued optimizations. Our SEO team continues to perform content optimizations, build new pages, and build the highest quality links possible on a monthly basis in order to ensure San Antonio Eye Specialists’ website continues to perform well organically.

SEO takes time to see results, and as we continue to optimize their website, we expect to see the number of quality keywords the San Antonio Eye Specialists rank for continue to grow. Through the development of new content and link-building strategies every 6 to 12 months and constant monitoring of competitors, San Antonio Eye Specialists will continue to enjoy quality organic traffic with even more to come in the future.

Number of ranked keywords in SEMRush

How We Did It:

PPC Advertising On Google Ads

While the client was spending thousands of dollars on Google Ads, they were receiving unqualified leads that weren’t able to be properly tracked. Through in-depth competitive and keyword research, Geek Powered Studios completely overhauled how their Google Ads account operated.

Keyword targeting is of the utmost importance, especially with a business as specific as ophthalmology. Many people confuse the practice of ophthalmology with optometry, which is a standard eye doctor that provides things like eyeglasses and contact lenses. San Antonio Eye Specialists are primarily eye surgeons, and we made sure to make this distinction clear in our keyword choice and ad messaging on Google Ads.

Call Tracking
With the ability to pinpoint the source of their incoming leads through the use of CallRail call tracking, we were able to open up communications with the client regarding which keywords and kinds of campaigns are best for their PPC campaigns.

Thorough tracking paired with quality ads and keyword choice resulted in a massive

196% increase in the number of leads

that the business generated through Google Ads.

How We Did It:

Facebook Advertising

San Antonio Eye Specialists had dabbled in Facebook Ads in the past but wrote it off as they were unable to generate qualified leads from the social media platform. When Geek Powered Studios got our hands on their Facebook account, we performed extensive research based on competitors and industry leaders across the country alike.

Through this research, we found that people respond to a reputable doctor. We put Dr. Iskander, the medical director of San Antonio Eye Specialists at the forefront of all of our Facebook advertising efforts, and this really resonated with potential patients. Pairing the ultimate trust builder of a reputable doctor with an attractive discount created Facebook ad campaigns that over-performed on all fronts.

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Now, San Antonio Eye Specialists enjoys
qualified leads for as little as $20 each
through Facebook Ads. Compare this to the
industry standard of $250 per lead,
it’s safe to say that San Antonio Eye Specialists can see the difference of working with the Geeks as opposed to other agencies.
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