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For many business owners and their marketing departments, SEO is something that can be difficult to grasp. Without years of expertise on the subject, SEO can feel overwhelming, and finding the right starting point for your business can seem impossible. For many business owners in the Austin, TX area, SEO is often brushed under the rug due to its difficulty and time-consuming nature. At Geek Powered Studios, we’ve helped countless businesses find the right direction for their SEO efforts through our SEO consulting in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. Continue reading to learn more about the SEO consulting services we provide to the residents of Austin, TX, and the rest of the country. 

Experienced SEO Professionals 

At Geek Powered Studios, our team has years of combined experience in providing SEO services for businesses in all sorts of different industries. From home services to ecommerce shops and everything in between, our team has acquired top position rankings across just about any niche you can imagine. Whether you’re looking to acquire more local clientele for your business or organic traffic to your online store, the SEO team at Geek Powered Studios has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you and your marketing team through the many different optimizations required to increase the rankings of your website. 

ROI Based Strategies 

When it comes to improving organic rankings, the team at Geek Powered Studios avoids looking at vanity metrics, like increasing rankings for non-converting keywords. Our SEO strategies are all about allowing you to receive a return on your investment. These are the same SEO strategies we use on our in-house clients, shared with you, and built into a personal road map of how to best improve the rankings of your website. With our SEO consulting services, we’ll provide you with the tools necessary to make a return on your investment through the SEO on your website.  

Ethical SEO Practices 

The SEO team at Geek Powered Studios only uses white hat SEO practices, strictly adhering to Google’s SEO guidelines. When you follow our SEO road map, you’ll only be employing tactics that Google approves as methods to improve your organic search engine rankings. Plus, you don’t have to take our word for it. Geek Powered Studios is proud to be the recipients of the Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Ethics in 2014.  For ethical SEO strategies that are sure to keep your business off of Google’s infamous “black list”, trust Geek Powered Studios as your SEO consultants in Austin, TX. 

Access To The Latest & Greatest Tools 

Let’s face it — tracking the success of an SEO campaign can be expensive. Whether it be tracking links in Ahrefs or the progress of your keyword rankings in SEMrush, these tools are expensive, and can definitely add up. With our Austin, TX SEO consulting services, you and your marketing team will have access to our suite of marketing tools to allow you to track the progress of your SEO efforts as you’d like. We can pull whatever report you’d like from any of the major SEO tools whenever you’d like, included within your SEO consulting service package. 

Implementation Services Available 

Ran into a part of the SEO consulting roadmap we provided to you that you’re not sure your marketing team has the knowhow to implement? The team at Geek Powered Studios would be happy to help with implementing your website changes. Whether it’s adding new content to your website or adding schema markup to a product, we’ll work with you to find the right amount of implementation you think you’ll need for your business. If you need help with SEO beyond just being pointed in the right direction, Geek Powered Studios is here for you.

For SEO Consulting in Austin, TX, Trust The Geeks 

At Geek Powered Studios, we’d be happy to help your business generate more leads through our Austin, TX SEO consulting services. Our SEO consulting services are perfect for those businesses with a digital marketing team but who need assistance with finding the right direction in terms of SEO. Trust the SEO professionals at Geek Powered Studios. To learn more about our SEO consulting services, give us a call or contact us online today. 

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