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"Geek Powered Studios' proven experience and excellence is the reason why our company has been able to generate more leads through our newly designed website. Geek Powered Studios did a phenomenal job of bringing our vision of the perfect website to reality. We would highly recommend them."
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Harry Caruso  |  Founder & CEO

Top-notch content and a valuable industry database propelled Car Wash Advisory to rank for

11,000  keywords with 70+ in the #1 position


Car Wash Advisory understood the importance of digital marketing and a stunning website for their business, but were unsure where to turn. An all-in-one agency that offers SEO, paid search, social marketing, and custom Webflow development was what the team at Car Wash Advisory was looking for. What they found was The Geeks, who not only transformed the digital footprint of Car Wash Advisory but also their status and standing as a source of industry knowledge along the way.

Our Roles

  • SEO Optimization and Content Marketing
  • Website Redesign and Ongoing UX Enhancements
  • Google Ads, Bing & LinkedIn Campaign Management
  • Digital Marketing Budget Advisement


  • Increased Market Share 4x over ~3 years
  • Grew revenue over +300%
  • Consistently ranking #1 for all top priority keywords
  • Designed and developed highly trusted and cited resources to keep track of M&As within the car wash industry.

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Client Story

Harry Caruso, founder of Car Wash Advisory, was seeing some success with his internal digital marketing efforts for his car wash industry merger and acquisition business, but the workload was getting too heavy for him and his team. While knowing that he also wanted to have a new website built for his business on the new and cutting-edge Webflow, he sought out an agency partner that could do it all.

Car Wash Advisory found Geek Powered Studios through the Webflow website showcase, and from the first meeting, Harry knew he was going to enjoy the bespoke, white glove services offered by The Geeks. 

Since then, The Geeks have increased the number of organic keywords that Car Wash Advisory ranks for from 2,400 to 11,000. As Car Wash Advisory’s online presence increased, so did their marketing investment. This made the need for in-depth and accurate attribution that much more critical.



Beginning the Campaign

There are not many businesses like Car Wash Advisory out there, specializing in the mergers and acquisitions of a single type of business, let alone car washes. The few true competitors that Car Wash Advisory had were not doing effective digital marketing in any capacity, leaving a gap in how Google could serve their users for the many different kinds of intent-driven keywords associated with Car Wash Industry M&A. 

Informational, Transactional, Commercial, and Navigational keywords can all be found within Car Wash Advisory’s wealth of expertise. 

  • Informational Keywords: These terms are used when searchers are looking for information or answers to questions. They typically signal that the user is in the research phase of their search journey. Examples include "how much money to start a car wash" or "different types of car washes."
  • Transactional Keywords: These keywords indicate that the searcher intends to complete a purchase or perform a specific action. They often include specific product names, brands, or services combined with transaction words like "buy," "order," "sell," or "for sale." Examples might be "sell my car wash" and even “car wash brokers.” 
  • Commercial Keywords: These keywords are a blend of informational and transactional, often used by searchers who are in the decision-making stage but still need a bit more persuasion. They might include comparisons, reviews, or specific product attributes. Examples include "car wash loan" or "car wash financing."
  • Navigational Keywords: Used when the searcher is trying to reach a specific website or page. Instead of navigating directly to a website through its URL, the user types the name of the brand, product, or service into a search engine. Examples include "mister car washes" or "car wash company."

We needed to develop a concise plan to target each of these keyword intent types effectively, leveraging the capabilities of our Design and SEO team and the wealth of knowledge offered by the Car Wash Advisory team. 

Before After

How We Did It:

Content & Design

As the subject matter experts, Car Wash Advisory was already producing and publishing high quality on their website before The Geeks got involved. But what Car Wash Advisory was missing behind their content development were two primary factors: direction, and SEO best practices. 

They were writing great content, but it was missing that SEO optimized touch. Tactics like keyword optimization, title tags, interlinking, and alt-text optimization were absent in Car Wash Advisory’s content before partnering with The Geeks. 

Additionally, Car Wash Advisory had great content ideas, but were unsure what to do with them. That’s where the SEO and Design Geeks formed like Voltron to create Car Wash Advisory’s Top Companies and Top Acquisitions pages. 

The mission: showcase Car Wash Advisory’s insider knowledge of the on-goings in the merger and acquisitions sector of the Car Wash industry on the website. Do this by creating a regularly maintained index of the largest car wash companies and provide updates when these businesses make a purchase or sale of another car wash business.

It’s the team at Car Wash Advisory’s job to monitor when car wash companies are purchasing one another so they can help their clients of all sizes get the best deal when they are buying or selling a business. They needed a place to showcase this information to potential clients and generally speaking, car wash industry professionals. 

Right off the bat, Geek Powered Studios knew this needed to be more than just a top 100 list with minor sale information. How can we make this more than a list? How can we effectively showcase when a business makes a sale or purchase? How can we provide more context behind each of these businesses? Why stop at 100?

Starting with just a list of the top 100 car wash companies by amount of locations, Geek Powered Studios molded information into a database cited and recognized industry-wide as a reliable source of truth. 

How We Did It: SEO

Content Marketing Strategy Development 

With the help of the experts at Car Wash Advisory, we laid out the content to be written in the form of a content calendar. This calendar laid out which new pages and blogs we’ll be building, and which existing pages and blogs we’ll be expanding, and when. 

Content Development

Running a business can get in the way of marketing for many business owners, and Car Wash Advisory was no exception. When the Car Wash Advisory workload was too heavy, we took on the work of writing content ourselves, which would then be edited and given the expert’s touch by the Car Wash Advisory team before publishing. 

On-Page Optimization 

We performed a full gamut of on-page optimization, including keyword targeting, image optimization, schema markup, and metadata optimization. 

How We Did It: PPC

Google Adwords Advertising

Google Ads

Geek Powered Studios paid media strategies aligned with the client's objective of fostering direct relationships with car wash owners nationwide, with the ultimate goal of facilitating sell-side brokerage services. These initiatives were designed by integrating factors such as keyword search volume, intent, user demographics, campaign structure, budget allocation, and, perhaps most importantly, clear and measurable attribution criteria. The approach prioritized precision and competitiveness in B2B targeting within this specialized niche market segment.

As promising data emerged, we systematically expanded our brand exposure and lead generation net, strategically incorporating supplementary channels to comprehensively address the sales funnel. Alongside Search, we deployed YouTube, Demand Generation, Performance Max, Remarketing and offensive branded Search tactics to bolster brand awareness and effectively introduce new users into the sales funnel. This approach ensured an omni-channel approach to engaging and converting prospects at various stages of the customer journey.

In response to macroeconomic fluctuations affecting the broader sell-side market landscape, we focused our attention on enhancing value creation through meticulous attribution analysis. Our objective was to uphold the effectiveness of our paid initiatives while minimizing budgetary inefficiencies and adjusting supplemental channels as necessary. This involved collaborative endeavors utilizing the HubSpot CRM, CallRail, and manual internal processes to establish a direct correlation between marketing expenditures and tangible outcomes such as meaningful conversations and closed deals. By leveraging these methodologies, we optimized resource allocation and ensured a strategic alignment with evolving market conditions.

LinkedIn Ads

Harnessing LinkedIn’s sophisticated targeting capabilities, including the ability to pinpoint titles such as "car wash owners" and membership in groups such as "Car Wash Industry Professionals," the platform offered distinct advantages in defining qualifying parameters that were less explicit on platforms like Google and Bing. This channel afforded us the opportunity to distinctly target authentic car wash owners based on their professional attributes, interactions, roles within their establishments, and other pertinent criteria. As a B2B advertiser, LinkedIn's diverse array of targeting parameters provided unparalleled clarity in identifying and reaching our target audience based on the platform's defined user profiles.

Bing Ads

Following the successful establishment and outcomes of Google initiatives, Bing was strategically integrated into Car Wash Advisory’s advertising mix. Any campaigns demonstrating success on Google were seamlessly imported into Bing. Although Bing's market share in the search engine landscape is relatively modest, its recent advancements in AI, coupled with its cost-efficient cost-per-clicks, warranted its classification as a supplementary channel. Capitalizing on search intent through Search campaigns, we conducted targeted initiatives aimed at cultivating sell-side relationships, allocating approximately one-third of the budget compared to Google. This approach allowed for a strategic exploration of Bing's potential within the advertising ecosystem while optimizing resource allocation.

Exceptional content and a strategic industry database enabled Car Wash Advisory to achieve a

4x  increase in market share

over approximately three years, even in an increasingly competitive environment.

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