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Content-focused web design and local SEO campaigns resulted in a consistent

20% Increase in revenue

every year, for the past three years.


Greg Fox reached out to Geek Powered Studios after working with five other SEO companies, seeing no results, and even ending up with a Google penalty. He worked with big and small agencies but found that they didn't service his business the way he wanted. Six months after starting with Geek Powered, Fox Granite Countertops was back on top with 100% white hat tactics.

Our Roles

  • Content-Focused Web Design
  • Facebook Ads
  • Location Targeting
  • Local Citation Building
  • Local Link Building


  • Revenue increase of 20% every year, for the past three years
  • 56% Increase in Organic Leads
  • Paid Leads as low as $33

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Client Story

Geek Powered Studios was the sixth agency Greg reached out to because he needed to see real results. In 2012, his site was hit with a link penalty after working with an agency practicing black hat link building strategies and he dropped out of the index entirely.

After six months, a new site design, new content, link cleanup, and new links, his rankings shot back up for "granite countertops" and "granite installation," bringing in more business than ever. We've maintained his campaign for over six years through white hat strategies that withstand algorithms and updates.

Geek Powered Studios did more than increase his organic visibility. Within the last few years, we've helped Fox Granite double their business in Austin and San Antonio through internet marketing.



Beginning the Campaign

When Greg reached out to us, his site had poor design, countless spam links, and was nowhere near the top SERPs. He previously worked with several top agencies, big and small, and found that none were servicing him or his industry the way he wanted. After thoroughly auditing his site, we found that a link penalty was the culprit for his drop in rankings.

Greg trusted a previous agency and eventually realized his fees all went toward black hat and outsourced link building methods. We redesigned his site, opted for a new domain, wrote new content, and curated relevant links. By the six month mark, Fox Granite was ranking well and getting the leads that they needed.

Before After

How We Did It:

Content & Design

Fox Granite’s site build gave it a modern look and fresh content. We wrote informative content about every product they offer and targeted the regions they wanted to dominate – Austin and San Antonio. Each project was highlighted prominently in a portfolio and we also outlined their process in detail to appeal to their potential customers.

Throughout their nine-year campaign with Geek Powered Studios, we’ve upheld the site to evolving search engine standards.

Their relevant searches keep growing as we put out timely and relevant blog articles targeting longtail keyword traffic. In addition, we continue to build clean, authoritative and niche links.

Our top highlights include vlogs, the most recent one about the latest trends in countertops and sinks. Our team filmed, edited, and published a video with Greg discussing color schemes, backsplashes, sinks and how it all ties into choosing the right countertop.

How We Did It:

Local SEO Campaigns

Fox Granite Countertops is available in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. When creating their local strategy, we wrote relevant content and citations to focus on their service areas.

Location Targeting

To target Austin and San Antonio’s potential customers, we created unique pages for each location to increase organic rankings for services in those areas. To complement our local page efforts, we also used local schema implementation (JSON-LD) to improve their organic visibility in the regions they serve.

Location Citation Building

Keeping a business name consistent throughout their listings is crucial for search engines to be able to give users the most accurate information. For Fox Granite, we built local citations using Moz Local and other search engine approved tools to keep consistency throughout the web.

Local Link-building

Since their online presence recovered from a major penalty, our natural link building methods have been at the forefront of Fox Granite’s campaign. Their current backlink profile has been meticulously curated, built with links that have increased their online relevancy and authoritativeness.

Local SEO Results

Through our highly detailed and meticulous SEO strategizing, we were able to increase the organic leads of the business by 56% year over year. These are qualified and profitable leads that Fox Granite generates without having to pay each time a person clicks on their website. They’re being naturally discovered when people type in things like “granite countertops Austin”, “granite Austin”, “granite countertops San Antonio”, among a slew of other high-search volume, locally targeted keywords for which they rank on the first page.

When it comes to SEO, achieving the rankings is only half of the battle. On-going work comes into play as you maintain those rankings through continued optimizations. Our SEO team continues to perform content optimizations, build new pages, and build the highest quality links possible on a monthly basis in order to ensure Fox Granite's website continues to perform well organically.

SEO takes time to see results, and as we continue to optimize their website, we expect to see the organic keyword trend for Fox Granite to grow. Through the development of new content and link-building strategies every 6 to 12 months and constant monitoring of competitors, Fox Granite will continue to enjoy quality organic traffic with even more to come in the future.

Number of ranked keywords in SEMRush

How We Did It:

Facebook Advertising

Fox Granite had never run Facebook Ads before but we knew it would be a fantastic channel for them given the visual nature of their beautiful granite countertops. When Geek Powered Studios got our hands on their Facebook account, we performed extensive research based on competitors and industry leaders across the country alike.

After just a few weeks we were able to identify the most profitable ads and messaging to drive leads for as low as $33.

media bolt gold
Now, Fox Granite enjoys
qualified leads for as little as $33 each
through Facebook Ads. Compare this to the
industry standard of $150 per lead.
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