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Geek Powered Studios' proven experience and excellence is the reason why our company has been able to generate more leads through our newly designed website. Geek Powered Studios did a phenomenal job of bringing our vision of the perfect website to reality. We would highly recommend them.
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Alan Silberberg, MD

Creating pain condition and treatment landing pages has resulted in an impressive

3,000+ ranked keywords and 60+ in the 1st Position


Greater Austin Pain Center was looking for a digital marketing agency to help improve its web presence so they could generate more leads online. As an Austin-based business, they wanted to find an Austin-based digital marketing provider. That’s when they found Geek Powered Studios, and our businesses turned out to be a great fit. Through top-notch web design, SEO, and PPC advertising, Greater Austin Pain Center enjoys an average of over 200 leads per month thanks to their now dominant web presence. Geek Powered Studios took the pain out of working with a digital marketing agency for Greater Austin Pain Center thanks to incredible web design paired with proven and results-oriented strategies and optimization. 

Our Roles

  • Website Redesign and Ongoing UX Enhancements
  • Local SEO and Service Page Expansions
  • Google Ads Campaign Management and Optimization
  • Lead Tracking and Confirming Quality


  • 27% conversion rate increase from Q3 to Q4 for 2021
  • 30% increase in site speed
  • Over 290 1st Page Organic Keywords
  • 31.4% Increase in goal completion since 2020

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Client Story

Greater Austin Pain Center had one primary goal when it came to seeking the services of a digital marketing company: garner more business and acquire more patients. As a group of young and in-the-know pain doctors, the team at Greater Austin Pain Center knew that the digital marketing landscape was the next big thing when it came to getting more business. So they set forth on their search and landed upon Geek Powered Studios as a trusted agency of record. Geek Powered Studios knew that with a business name like Greater Austin Pain Center, there was a great potential to create an authoritative, lead-generating machine of a website. Naturally, that’s when we got to work on designing a kickass website, and equally kickass SEO and PPC campaigns. 



Beginning the Campaign

Greater Austin Pain Center came to Geek Powered Studios with a great domain (, but a lackluster and outdated website. Additionally, any leads that they were garnering from their website were not properly tracked using tools like Google Analytics. To lay the foundation for an amazing digital marketing campaign, we got to work designing a badass website that would be a real pain for the competitors of Greater Austin Pain Center. While our designers were hard at work doing their thing, our PPC and SEO geeks scoured the depths of their keyword research tools to find anything and everything they could regarding pain in Central Texas. From the conditions that cause pain to the treatments used to reduce or eliminate the pain, everything that was being searched for regarding pain management in Central Texas was uncovered. 

Before After

How We Did It:

Content & Design

With Greater Austin Pain's new website we wanted to elevate and modernize their already well established brand. We decided to built the website in Webflow for site speed and usability. Our main focus was increasing conversions through functional features such as a more robust navigation and footer across the site, and a helpful sticky sidebar menu for internal service pages.

In order to make the site feel consistent and intuitive, we templateized key internal page categories such as Conditions and Treatments. This has allowed us to quickly and easily add those pages to rank faster for key terms.

To elevate the experience to a more modern and sleek feel we added soft drop shadow and rounded the corners of card elements and images, as well as added page scroll animations/ interactions.


How We Did It:

Local SEO Campaigns

Dominating the Austin area for the treatments, as well as the conditions that Greater Austin Pain Center deals with was the most important part of the SEO campaign. To acquire these rankings, the Geek Powered SEO team combined a mix of classic location targeting paired with a content “galaxy” service page strategy to be the encyclopedia for pain management in the Greater Austin area. 

Location Targeting 

At the heart of any strong Local SEO campaign is consistent location targeting, and that’s exactly what we did for Greater Austin Pain Center. With multiple locations across the Greater Austin area, we made sure to have a page for each office location. This helps rankings for more specific location-based keywords, like “pain management in Kyle, TX” as well as “near me” keywords for those living near those office locations. 

Local Citation Building 

Local citations are another fundamental part of any SEO campaign. The SEO Geeks here at Geek Powered Studios built local citations across some of the most popular online directories like Yellow Pages, Four Square, and other similar sites for the Greater Austin Pain Center headquarters. This results in more spread of the NAP, or name, address, and phone number of the business, which is a signal Google looks for to determine rankings. 

Google My Business Optimization 

Google My Business is a powerful lead generation tool for local businesses, and Greater Austin Pain Center takes advantage of this tool for each of their office locations. By fully optimizing these GMB listings with services and posts, Google shows them as a top result for several keywords that Greater Austin Pain Center targets across 3 distinct cities in Central Texas. 

Service Page Optimization

One of the most unique and important aspects of Greater Austin Pain Center is the wide array of conditions they treat, as well as the specific treatments they offer. To rank for as many keywords as possible for the conditions and treatments that Greater Austin Pain Center deals with, we built out pages to target these keywords across the board. Using a strategy we call the content “galaxy”, we touch on just about anything that Greater Austin Pain Center can help treat through individual pages. This has resulted in top keyword rankings for dozens of conditions and treatments in Central Texas.

Local SEO Results

After 3+ years with the Geeks, Greater Austin Pain Center enjoys rankings for over 3000 keywords, 290 of which are on the first page of Google, and 60+ of which are in the first position. On average, Greater Austin Pain Center receives over 100 organic leads per month, allowing the doctors to stay busy, and in some cases, busier than they can handle. Through content, ongoing on and off-page optimization, and proven local SEO strategies, Greater Austin Pain Center has become established as the leading authority in pain management across the Central Texas region. We continue to create new content, and optimize existing content to increase the amount of first page and first position keywords that Greater Austin Pain Center ranks for. 

Number of ranked keywords in SEMRush

How We Did It:

PPC Advertising On Google Ads

The high level of competition within Greater Austin Pain's vertical presented a digital advertising challenge with regards to being aggressive in bidding auctions while aiming to be cost-efficient and lead-effective within a relatively tight budget. We needed to win auctions to serve ads in a way that would be cost-controlled, high-quality, and high-volume. Further, Greater Austin Pain provided extensive content about each of their service areas thanks to extensive investments in SEO and content expansion. Combining these two elements brought about a proper solution - dynamic search ads (DSAs).

Paired with automated bidding strategies, we leveraged the content on-hand to ensure the dynamic creation of relevant ads and final URLs as presented by user intent and queries. The ever-moving target of optimal bidding was addressed using data-driven automated bidding. The relevancy of ads to queries was addressed using the content on the site to create dynamic ad headlines, and the on-page experience was addressed using AI-selected landing pages based on query-content relevance.

Due to the nature of DSA’s targeting parameters, we were then able to supplement keyword-based campaigns with high-converting key terms as outlined in DSA reports; in a sense, if a DSA campaign presented a search term that converted well but that was missing in our keyword-based campaign, then we added it to ensure continued capitalization of that search term in the account. Using this strategy, we were able to achieve a conversion rate of 8.6%, which is about 3.5 times higher than the industry average of 2.4% for medical services. In addition, we achieved our goal of cost-efficient leads of around $30, with a conversion rate uplift of 27% from Q3 to Q4 for 2021.  Furthermore, we have seen a 13% increase in lead volume and a 13% decrease in lead cost in the first two months of 2022. 

Leveraging machine-learning & smart campaigns resulted in an

8.6% Ad conversion rate, which is 3.5X higher than the industry standard.

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