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If you were my competitor, you’d want to jump off a bridge. They don’t do a good, they do an outstanding job with our SEO & PPC. We really appreciate the partnership and the friendship that we’ve formed.
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Richard Ramos
President of Green Energy of San Antonio

Thorough tracking paired with quality ads and keyword choice resulted in a massive

100+ leads per month

that the business generated through their website.


Richard Ramos, President of Green Energy of San Antonio, felt that he was throwing excessive money at TV and radio advertisements, without receiving trackable and noticeable results. After thorough research, Richard decided that it was time to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency. 

Today, Green Energy of San Antonio is the leading provider of attic insulation, water softeners, and window replacement in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Thanks to his partnership with Geek Powered Studios, Richard Ramos has been able to track the stellar results of his marketing campaigns and measure his return on investment.

Our Roles

  • Website Redesign, Build and Ongoing UX Enhancements
  • SEO Strategy & Content
  • Google & Facebook Campaign Management & Optimization
  • Lead Tracking and Confirming Quality


  • Window Replacement page conversions are up by 84% compared to last year
  • Overall conversions up by 40%, bounce rate down by 6%.
  • Over 100 1st Page Organic Keywords
  • 45% Lead Increase from Ads and 13% Decrease in Cost per Lead

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Client Story

Green Energy of San Antonio is a family owned and operated business, founded on the principles of saving the residents of San Antonio money by making their homes more energy efficient. At Green Energy of San Antonio, offering San Antonio homeowners the next big thing to improve their energy efficiency has always been paramount. Enter groundbreaking products like the Green Energy radiant barrier insulation, as well as the Green Energy energy efficient window. These next-level energy efficiency improving products meant for Richard Ramos and the team at Green Energy of San Antonio that it was time to hit the ground running.

In order to spread the word of these new energy efficient products, Richard Ramos took to the TV and radio airwaves around San Antonio to let the public know about what Green Energy of San Antonio had to offer. While he saw mild success through these radio and television advertisements, he found that it was difficult to track exactly how these ads were performing. In an effort to spend his advertising dollars more wiseley, Richard Ramos took to the internet to discover the latest and greatest in marketing a business.

That’s when Richard stumbled upon digital marketing as a legitimate channel to market his business. As he looked for the best digital marketing provider in Central Texas, he came across Geek Powered Studios, and inquired about our services. Fast forward to today, and Green Energy of San Antonio is averaging over 100 leads through their website and other digital marketing platforms per month. It’s safe to say that Green Energy of San Antonio has been busy, thanks to the work we’ve done to improve their digital presence here at Geek Powered Studios.



Beginning the Campaign

With a weak digital presence, Green Energy of San Antonio was essentially dead in the water. Their website was not generating any traffic, and in turn, any leads for the business. To improve this, Geek Powered Studios got started on a top-of-the-line website, paired with search optimized content and expert level paid ads in order to generate leads to the website. 

Then, once we got rocking and rolling, we started to analyze the data collected by our tracking tools to see what the real money makers are for Green Energy of San Antonio when it comes to online marketing. 

Through this data, we were able to identify that Green Energy of San Antonio generates leads across the “trifecta” of organic, paid search ads, and paid social media ads. Dialing in on these campaigns and finding the sweet spot in terms of CPA, budget, and organic content became the job from there on out.

Before After

How We Did It:

Content & Design

When Green Energy first came to GPS they had a website that was not performing well both in speed and in conversions. We focused on aligning the brand’s family-owned, and local feel with a modern and professional look. Green Energy of SA has been operating in San Antonio for over 10 years and were truly local experts.

Because of their recognizable brand we based the updated colors on their brand colors of navy blue and light green, but shifted the values slightly and added a light blue, and light blue grey. We decided to rebuild the new website in Webflow for a more intuitive workflow, and to bypass plugins and theme updates that have plagued their older build.

To increase conversions for the different types of users that may visit the site, we made sure to include many ways to segment early on in the home page design. Knowing that the discounts are very popular based on previous heatmap data we also made sure to present that higher up in the layout. In sections about the many services GESA offers, we made sure to highlight the benefits and include information videos created by Richard Ramos. In the overall design of the new site we prioritized clear call to action points for both desktop and mobile users providing a more intuitive way to move forward for the user.


The new website not only decreased the bounce rate and increased the conversion rate, but it is also much faster than the old Wordpress site.

How We Did It:

Local SEO Campaigns

As a locally owned and operated business attempting to garner leads in the San Antonio area, the team at Geek Powered Studios knew that Local SEO was the only way to go. In order to garner rankings in the San Antonio area, we worked on…

Search Optimized Content

At the foundation of any great SEO campaign is content that is optimized for the search engines. In SEO, there’s an old saying of “content is king”, and that still rings true in the 2020s and beyond. We hit the ground running utilizing the skills of our talented SEO writers to craft content for the website that ranks for the keywords that Richard and the team at Green Energy care about most, like “window replacement”, “water softeners” and “attic insulation”.

Location Targeting

Once we laid the groundwork for the content, we started sprinkling in our local keywords. Through direct keyword targeting and mentions of San Antonio across Green Energy’s service pages, as well as LocalBusiness schema markup implementation, they’ve been able to acquire a number of first page rankings for their services in the San Antonio area. With 1st page and top 3 position rankings for keywords like “radiant barrier San Antonio” and “attic insulation San Antonio”, Green Energy of San Antonio is exactly where they want to be within the SERPs.

Location Citation Building

When it comes to local SEO, local link building and citations is always the way to go for off-page optimizations. With a combination of manual citation building and a listing management service, we were able to get Green Energy of San Antonio listed across the web with accurate NAP (name, address, and phone number) information which is critical to success within the search engines.

SEO Blog Posts

In order to further inform the users of, as well as to garner additional organic search traffic, we built out (and continue to build out) a number of blog posts answering questions that are relevant to the services that Green Energy of San Antonio offers. Queries like “Is Fiberglass Insulation Toxic”, “bugs coming in through window”, and “water softener life expectancy” are just a few of the broader, question style search terms that we’ve been able to achieve #1 rankings for. These blog posts work to supplement our service pages, directing users to how they can solve these problems or get better answers by getting in contact with Green Energy of San Antonio.

Local SEO Results

Through our ongoing SEO efforts, Green Energy of San Antonio continues to see monumental growth year over year. Breaking revenue records has become an annual trend for Richard Ramos and Green Energy of San Antonio, in part thanks to the SEO campaigns put in place by Geek Powered Studios.

Green Energy of San Antonio receives on average 30 organic leads per month. That’s approximately one person a day who found their business entirely through organic search, in which the business did not need to pay for that click. With an average ticket price of $5,000 per customer, it’s no wonder that Green Energy of San Antonio continuously beats their revenue record each year.

As with any SEO campaign, the work of the Geeks is far from over. At Geek Powered Studios, we strive for first page results for all of our targeted keywords. Over the months and years to come, we expect to work alongside Richard and the rest of the team at Green Energy of San Antonio to improve upon current SEO efforts, as well as brand new ones that come as a result of new products and services offered by Green Energy.

Number of ranked keywords in SEMRush

How We Did It:

PPC Advertising On Google Ads

When companies rely solely on traditional marketing methods, such as TV and Radio, to move the bottomline, they begin to realize that these methods and strategies will be insufficient, time-consuming, and extremely costly. The return on TV and Radio investments is difficult to track, and creates a transparency issue of whether or not ad dollars are effectively and efficiently being spent; Green Energy was experiencing such an issue.

Using Google Ads, we were able to tie ad dollars to real results using data sciences, analytics, and conversion tracking, using campaigns that leveraged site content and machine-powered auction bidding for relevant search queries. By allowing data-driven results to lead the way, we were able to pinpoint user intent signals and incorporate them into campaigns that dynamically created ads and chose landing pages based on the relevance between user queries and site content. We then built out keyword-based campaigns by leveraging search term data that these dynamic search ads provided to capitalize on proven high-performing keywords and phrase strings. These efforts produced a 45% increase in lead volume and a 13% decrease in lead costs, when comparing 2021 vs 2020, as well as a 24% increase in Conv Rate for search ads. We also implemented Google's newest development, Performance Max, which helped us increase lead volume 176% and decreased lead cost by 44% when comparing Jan-Feb 2022 to the same period in 2021.

Leveraging machine-learning & smart campaigns resulted in

45% increase in lead volume and
15% decrease in costs

How We Did It:

Facebook Advertising

By running dynamic ads and heavily testing, Geek Powered was able to make Facebook Ads one of Green Energy of San Antonio’s highest quality lead sources.

An elemental pillar of paid social is constantly testing and refreshing ads to avoid ad fatigue and to hone in on the assets, copy, and tone that resonate the most with your audience; this fundamental pillar was the building block of Green Energy’s winning strategy on Facebook. With recent developments in user privacy and how those developments affected Facebook’s targeting parameters, Geek Powered embraced the fundamentals of social media in conjunction with new machine learning advancements; broad audience targeting with dynamic ad creation. By creating and constantly testing different images, video, and copy across a broad range of users, we were able to find precise messaging angles that resonated to a larger audience. Close monitoring of campaign performance and continuous A/B testing, Green Energy is acquiring a high volume and qualified leads from Facebook, as low as $45 per lead.

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Green Energy of San Antonio now enjoys
high volume and qualified leads from Facebook for as little as $45 per lead.
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