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"They know SEO and PPC very well, one of the best in the industry in my experience! Always professional and friendly, truly concerned about the success of my business!"
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Dr. D'Alfonso, DDS

Improved tracking paired with quality ads and keyword choice resulted in a massive

95.6%  Increase in conversion rate from Google Ads


Since 2015, Geek Powered Studios has been working with Lakeway Cosmetic & Family Dentistry to improve the practice’s online presence in the digital marketing landscape. While Dr. D'Alfonso, owner of Lakeway Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, came to Geek Powered Studios with a website, it was riddled with issues in terms of graphic design, structure, and even plagiarized content added to the site by another marketing agency.

Dr. D and the rest of the team at Lakeway Cosmetic & Family Dentistry were primarily concerned with the number of leads the business generated. Unfortunately, due to the many issues plaguing their website, it was not performing to the expectations. Fast forward to half a decade later, and Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry is still seeing sustainable and substantial growth on a year-over-year basis thanks to the team at Geek Powered Studios. By implementing our digital marketing best practices, paired with innovative solutions like online dental consultations, we’ve changed Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry’s business entirely.

Our Roles

  • Website Redesign, Build and Ongoing UX Enhancements
  • SEO Strategy & Content
  • Google & Facebook Campaign Management & Optimization
  • Lead Tracking and Confirming Quality


  • Consistent year-over-year lead growth of 30%
  • Increased Google Ads volume by 105% while decreasing cost per lead by 35%
  • Conversion rate increased 133% and bounce rate decreased by -26.14% after redesigning home page
  • Organic Lead Increase of 80% in 2021 vs 2020

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Client Story

After an unsuccessful run with another marketing agency, Dr. Robert D’Alfonso knew that he needed to find a reputable digital marketing agency to work with. His initial agency did not produce results, as they were not creating keyword-targeted content, and were even plagiarizing content from competitor websites. After spending thousands of dollars with this agency, Dr. D decided it was time to cut ties and make a change.

With an understanding of different digital marketing channels, Dr. D’Alfonso began searching for an agency known for excelling in SEO, as well as paid ads on search engines and social media. That’s when Dr. D found Geek Powered Studios, and we immediately got started on taking his website and overall digital presence to the next level.



Beginning the Campaign

We started by building a brand new website, which has since been updated once again, which immediately started increasing their rankings, which was followed by increases in conversion rates and booked appointments. In just the past year, Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry has experienced a 38% conversion rate increase, which resulted in a 30% overall increase in generated leads.

Smile Virtual Digital Consultation

One of the most important factors in our efforts to modernize the Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry website and serve patients during the Covid-19 pandemic was the implementation of a virtual consultation system on the website. This virtual consultation allows potential patients to answer a few questions and upload pictures of the problem areas of the mouth. With the Smile Virtual consultation tool, Dr. D has been able to increase his close rate to an impressive 65%. This frees up his dentist chairs for those patients who are ready to have work done, as opposed to those attending free in-person consultations.

Before After

How We Did It:

Content & Design

With Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry, we provided them a complete and comprehensive redesign of their website, based on competitor research and conversion architecture. We updated on-page content for every service offered and added more useful sections and content to the website. We also expanded their brand color palette with the addition of an orange-red, lighter blue and a blue gradient. Over the years we’ve utilized heatmap user data to make layout and design optimizations resulting in a higher conversion rate and decreased bounce rate.


How We Did It:

Local SEO Campaigns

As a local practice, Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry wanted to target customers in the city of Lakeway, as well as Austin, TX, of which the city of Lakeway is a suburb. In order to garner rankings local to the practice, Geek Powered Studios deployed a suite of local SEO strategies and tactics.

Content Overhaul

From an SEO perspective, one of the first things we needed to take care of was the content on the existing website. While we built the new website, we worked on overhauling the home page, service page, and blog post content across the site. In terms of optimized content, the previous agency was not targeting keywords like “Austin cosmetic dentistry”, “dental implants Austin”, and other keywords that Dr. D had specifically requested. We removed all instances of plagiarism and created brand new content that better explained the nature of the business.

Location Targeting

In order to target their local keywords, we crafted content that spoke to the residents of Lakeway and Austin as well. We sprinkled their target keywords across their service pages, which improved their rankings long-term. To supplement the targeting of local keywords, we also implemented local schema markups to further improve their local relevance.

HARO Link Building & Local Citations

To increase the site authority of Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry we implemented a number of link-building strategies. 

We rolled out local citations across a number of different online directories for Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry to work on their locational relevancy, as well as to spread the NAP, or name, address, and phone number across the web. 

Then, as a long-term authority played, we answered a number of HARO, or Help a Reporter Out requests, which resulted in additional links on news and other online publications. This has resulted in an Ahrefs URL ranking of 34, which is notable for a small local practice like Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry. Our progress of garnering more referring domains to the Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry website speaks for itself.

Local SEO Results

Thanks to our rock-solid SEO plan, we were able to get Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry to a point where their website was generating ample leads organically on a monthly basis. From 2020 to 2021 Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry saw an increase in organic conversions of 80%, as a result of continued work by our SEO and design teams.

In regards to SEO, continued work is the name of the game. It’s a rare occurrence in which a website is going to rank exactly as you’d like it to when it goes live. That’s why it requires continued optimization, hence the name Search Engine Optimization. As a part of our ongoing efforts, our SEO and design team continues to work together to create new pages, which target new keywords, and in turn, new business for Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry.

We expect to see continued growth as we work to improve Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry for specific location-based service keywords. Keywords like “Austin dental restoration” “Lakeway dental implants” and “Austin full mouth reconstruction” are our phrases of focus moving forward when optimizing the Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry practice online.

Number of ranked keywords in SEMRush

How We Did It:

PPC Advertising On Google Ads

While the client was spending thousands of dollars on Google Ads, they were receiving low lead volume with extremely high acquisition costs. Through in-depth competitive and keyword research, elimination of budget waste through conversion data segmentation, implementation of automated, machine learning initiatives, and build-outs of new campaign types, Geek Powered Studios completely overhauled how their Google Ads account operated.

Keyword targeting is of the utmost importance, since this is the primary building-block of any robust search campaign strategy. Geek Powered Studios translated client directives and needs into user psychology and online patterns that would reflect through user queries, thus giving us a direction for what match type to use with high-intent keywords. However, 15 percent of new search queries Google receives on a daily basis are never-before-seen, so we had to address the possibility that we could miss out on high-intent searches in our keyword-based campaign; this is where we leveraged Dynamic Search Ads.

We leveraged the content on the site to capitalize on Google's machine learning to create highly relevant, dynamic search ads that would capture any queries that may have slipped through the cracks of our keyword-based campaigns. We coupled those campaigns with automated bidding strategies that not only optimized auction-bidding in real time but also aimed at capturing as many conversions as possible with the given daily budget. Now that we had our targeting parameters and bidding strategy in place, we needed to make sure that conversion data was segmented in ways that we could pinpoint exactly what was leading to conversions. So we day-parted our ad schedule, broke down our target location to the smallest available segment, and removed keywords, demographic groups, income groups, and more, based on the conversion data that came in. All in all, small changes lead to a snowball effect that creates real and lasting change.

With the ability to pinpoint the source of their incoming leads, we were able to open up communications with the client regarding which keywords, campaigns, and targeting parameters are best for their PPC campaigns. Thorough tracking paired with quality ads, keyword choice, and machine-learning, our efforts resulted in a massive 105% increase in lead volume and a 35% decrease in cost per lead that the business generated through Google Ads.

Thorough tracking paired with quality ads and keyword choice resulted in a massive

105% increase in lead volume

while decreasing cost per lead by 35%

How We Did It:

Facebook Advertising

Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry ran Facebook campaigns in the past but did not see any results. Geek Powered Studios was tasked with recreating the marketing funnel from scratch to bring qualified leads.

Through research and creative testing, Geek Powered Studios found that people in the Austin and Lakeway area responded well to testimonials about the practice and smile makeover videos. Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry now sees qualified leads coming from this channel and has added it as part of their marketing mix. When the pandemic hit, Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry faced another challenge- people were afraid to come into the office. Dr. D’Alfonso and the Geek Powered team jumped into action by offering virtual smile consultations. Virtual smile consultations have been a hit and the team is able to consult without needing to have the person in the office.

Overall Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry enjoys qualified leads for as little as $30 through Facebook Ads. Compared to the industry average of $250 per lead this is something worth smiling for!

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Now, Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry enjoys
qualified leads for as little as $30 each
through Facebook Ads. Compare this to the
industry standard of $250 per lead,
it’s safe to say that Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry can see the difference of working with the Geeks as opposed to other agencies.
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