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"Since we launched the new Serview Home Pros website in June of 2021, the business has had record-breaking sales months and is booked several weeks in advance."
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John | Vice President

By rebuilding their website with optimized content & conversion-focused design, Serview Home Pros has

Doubled their volume of leads from their site.


Serview Home Pros is a San Antonio based backyard improvement company specializing in patio covers, patio enclosures, and outdoor kitchens. After attempting to generate leads through radio advertising, and finding these leads to be unqualified and untrackable, Serview Home Pros reached out to Geek Powered Studios so that they could increase their digital footprint and generate new business online. 

Since we launched the new Serview Home Pros website in June of 2021, the business has had record-breaking sales months and is booked several weeks in advance.

Our Roles

  • Website Design, Build, and Ongoing UX Enhancements
  • Keyword Research and Content Strategy
  • Local City Optimization and Google My Business
  • Conversion Tracking and Paid Campaign Management


  • Cost Per Lead as low as $25/lead
  • Average of about 10 (free!) leads per month from GMB 
  • 0 to 325 ranked keywords in ~6 months 
  • 6% conversion rate for 2,660+ new users

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Client Story

Owners Gary and John opened Serview Home Pros knowing that they could provide the residents of San Antonio with a high-quality backyard improvement service that has some real demand behind it. What they didn’t realize was how tough it would be to get in front of the right customer that was looking for the kind of patio improvements that they provide. They spent thousands of dollars on radio ads, but often didn’t see the return on investment that they wanted.

Within just 90 days, we had multiple campaigns established for different facets of Serview Home Pros’ business, adapting to some of the difficulties that were experienced during the pandemic. Due to COVID-19, there was a large shortage of materials due to shipping delays that resulted in a stifling of Serview Home Pro's ability to perform work on patios, their primary service offering. We established campaigns for their house siding replacement services, which they had the material for, and could perform with no issues. This allowed Serview Home Pros to generate leads for as low as $25 that converted to real return on investment from their advertising campaigns. 



Beginning the Campaign

With the state of Serview Home Pros’ old website, we knew that we couldn’t consistently generate leads if we were able to generate traffic in any capacity. This is why we started by creating a landing page built on the foundation of conversion rate optimization best practices. Once the landing page was finished, we were confident that we’d be able to generate paid leads through Google and Facebook Ads. Within just 90 days, we were generating trackable leads that the client was able to mark as qualified or not through Callrail. 

In the meantime, we got to work on a brand new Webflow website so we could start generating leads organically as well. With the landing page and paid ads chugging away and providing new business leads, they were able to almost immediately enjoy the benefits of working alongside Geek Powered Studios. While Serview Home Pros were busy with their new leads, we were busy crafting a website so they could benefit from ranking organically on the search engine results page. 

How We Did It:

Content & Design

The full-blown redesign and build of their website improved site speeds and allowed the site to abide by Google’s Page Speed requirements. We designed the Serview Home Pros website to have a clear focus on what exactly it is that they do: build badass patio enclosures and outdoor kitchens. All of the images on the company’s website are real examples of the work that they do in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. 

As San Antonio’s Backyard Experts, we knew we had to make it clear to clients that Serview Home Pros is all about serving residents of the area. Through Images of San Antonio homes, and content that reflected that this company is a locally owned and operated business, potential customers that live in the area immediately feel a sense of connection with the business. 

Additionally, our newly crafted and search-optimized content allowed their website to enjoy improved rankings in the SERPs almost immediately after launch. They were on the first page for keywords like “San Antonio outdoor kitchens” and other keywords relevant to their business within 3 months of the launch of the website, which can be tough to achieve in the world of SEO. 

How We Did It:

Local SEO Campaigns

Serview Home Pros is operated out of San Antonio and wanted their organic rankings to reflect this. We dived headfirst into local SEO tactics to ensure that Serview Home Pros got picked up in the local SERPs. 

Location Targeting

Each service page we built on the Serview Home Pros website made it clear that this business wanted to work on homes in San Antonio and the areas directly surrounding the city through our on-page content. Additionally, we implemented “HomeAndConstructionBusiness” schema markup to further improve their visibility when potential customers search for services like their's in San Antonio. 

Location Citation Building

Local citations provide additional context to Google as they crawl through other websites and find confirmation of the business information in Google My Business and on the Serview Home Pros website. This consistency is key as we continue to build out new local citations to further support the local rankings of Serview Home Pros.

Google My Business

With the focal point on the map listing when it comes to local search results on Google, optimization of your Google My Business listing is critical to getting your piece of the 3 potential organic map pack positions. With Serview Home Pros, we optimized their Google My Business listing with plenty of images, services, products, and all possible information that Google asks for with a Google My Business listing. 

Local SEO Results

Within about 6 months of the Serview Home Pros website launching, they generated a total of 50 conversions from several first-page rankings. These results are remarkable for a website that was virtually invisible online just a year ago, with 19 overall rankings in July of 2021 compared to 322 overall rankings in February of 2022. These results also prove that the SEO strategy we’ve deployed and continue to roll out for their business is moving their website along in the right direction. 

While we expect rankings to continue to improve naturally, we know that the new website has even more potential to generate organic leads in the future. As Google continues to index new local citations, and we identify new strategies through our ongoing competitor and keyword research, we’ll take Serview Home Pros to even greater heights with their organic rankings on Google. 

Google My Business will also be a powerful tool moving forward for Serview Home Pros, already becoming a legitimate source of leads for their business. Since we’ve started optimizing their Google My Business listing, Serview Home Pros is generating an average of 10 leads per month from Google My Business alone, thanks to their consistently high placements within Google’s Map Pack. 

Number of ranked keywords in SEMRush

How We Did It:

PPC Advertising On Google Ads

After spending thousands of dollars on radio ad campaigns and receiving unqualified and untracked leads, Serview Home Pros knew they had to make a change in the way they spread the word of their business. When they reached out to Geek Powered Studios, we suggested Google Ads as a reliable way to generate leads fairly quickly as compared to the lengthier process of generating leads through SEO.

We created their Google Ads account by keeping a close eye on what their competitors were doing in their PPC campaigns. Through this competitive research, we gained an edge and valuable insight into how other businesses in their industry were already winning with Google Ads. Additionally, we had to find the right keywords in order to get the business in front of the right potential customers. That’s where our meticulous keyword research came into play, finding the most valuable keywords that regularly generate qualified leads that provide instant ROI to Serview Home Pros. 

Once we started generating these leads, we set up intensive tracking on all aspects of the Google Ads Campaign. From the source of the leads to how these leads interacted with the website and the landing page, we took all of the data we had to decide what services Serview Home Pros should focus on when advertising on Google. The results of their Google Ads campaign are an average of 6 conversions each week for products priced in the thousands, and a click-through rate of 6.41%, 2.6 times higher than the home improvement industry standard click-through rate of just 2.44%. Increased metrics also include a 7% increase in conversion rate, $60 leads, and decreased CPA by 82% when comparing Jan-Jun 2021 to July-Dec 2021.

Analysis into how potential customers research home improvement projects resulted in

82% decrease of the cost per lead

the business generated through Google Ads.

How We Did It:

Facebook Advertising

While Serview Home Pros had allowed their sales manager to experiment with Facebook Ads in the past, he was inexperienced with the platform and wasn’t able to achieve any real results or qualified leads for the business. Once our paid social media team got their hands on the account, we learned that the sky's the limit with the kind of services that this team of professionals offers in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Simply put, the Facebook ads we ran were absolutely killing it. Potential customers loved the clean look of the projects that Serview Home Pros performs, and our Facebook Ads let Serview Home Pro’s work speak for itself. With a focal point on their incredible patio projects (similar to the way we designed their website), they’re enjoying consistent leads from homeowners in San Antonio that stumbled across their business while scrolling through Facebook.

With the Facebook ads we’ve built for Serview Home Pros, they’re getting qualified, actionable and profitable leads for as little as $25 each. When compared to the industry average of $250 per lead, our client is enjoying real business at just 1/10th of the cost that some of their competitors could be paying. Now that’s a return on investment that any business owner could enjoy. 

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Now, Serview Home Pros enjoys
qualified leads for as little as $25 each
through Facebook Ads, compared to the
industry standard of $250 per lead.
It’s safe to say that Serview Home Pros can see the difference of working with the Geeks at Geek Powered Studios.
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