Your Organic Conversion Funnel Just Got Shorter

Google is pushing booking and scheduling services through local search results.

In the spirit of making all of our searches quick and user-friendly, Google is now showing “book” or “schedule” buttons on some local search results. Businesses that offer online scheduling can integrate their software with the Reserve With Google feature.

Google’s been testing booking appointments through search since 2015. It’s unclear if this feature is still in beta or test at the moment but for now, it’s available.

Why It’s Useful

In an era where faster and relevant results are in demand, it’s important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Dominate your market and offer faster booking through local search. We already know more and more people are opting for mobile search and mobile-friendly search results.

With a couple of quick clicks, you’ve got users booking appointments and converting a lot faster than if they browsed your website or saw your ads.

You can dominate throughout Google’s ecosystem.

How It Works

Local search results, in both desktop and mobile, will show you either a Book or Schedule button that’ll take you straight to that result’s booking engine.

Janet St. Paul Studio’s listing has the scheduling feature.

Once you click this local hair salon listing, you’ll see options to choose what type of service and when to schedule it.

Select "Schedule" where available
Choose your type of service
Select your desired date and time

How To Get This

If you currently have scheduling services through any one of Google’s partners (Full Slate, Genbook, Appointy -- see if yours is on here), then you’re included. If not, stay in the loop because they have plenty more partners coming soon.

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