How to Improve Conversion Rate on Your Website

Dedicating the right amount of time, resources, and effort to building up your business’s digital marketing strategy can significantly improve conversion rate on your website and increase the revenue generated by your company. However, getting quality, targeted traffic to your company’s website is only one step in the process. If your website is messy, confusing, or unclear as to the value your team provides, all of that good traffic is pointless. If the landing pages on your website aren’t designed in a way that makes purchases, conversions, and reaching out simple and easy to do, there’s nothing you can do to get individuals with interest in your business to turn into customers. This is where conversion rate optimization, often referred to as CRO, comes into play. To improve your conversion rate on your website, optimize user experience, and maximize business results, check out the following best practices.

Make Sure Your Site Has Responsive Design

Many businesses and website administrators do so much work on their sites on desktop computers, that they pay little attention to the user experience of mobile device users. In a mobile-first world, it’s important to make sure that both desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of the site are neat, clear, and intuitive. If your website is managed through WordPress, then your most likely up-to-speed. However, if your site is on a cheap, outdated platform like Homestead or Wix, you could end up having issues with mobile user experience and running into obstacles as far as improving your conversion rate. To investigate further, simply inspect your website on a smartphone or, alternatively, use the “Inspect” feature on your computer’s web browser to simulate different devices. If the menus, content sections, images, CTAs, and buttons are all visible and aligned with the specifications of your device’s screen then your site is considered responsive. If you must scroll from left to right to read content, or there are elements in places where they don’t make sense, you’ll need to reconsider the platform your site is designed and published.

Implement CTA Sections In and Around Content

Whether visitors to your site come there from organic search, Google ads, or anywhere else, they’re visiting because they think that you might offer something that they find value in. In the case of an E-commerce website, the site’s navigation should eventually lead them to product pages that provide them with the information needed to make a decision to purchase or not. However, many sites aren’t transactional in the way that E-commerce ones are. How then do website designers and administrators incentivize people to become leads by submitting forms or placing phone calls? Simply by encouraging them to convert with quality calls to action, both in dedicated content blocks and within the written content of site pages. Ask your potential customers to “Schedule a Free Consultation ASAP” or “Contact Our Expert Team Today”. Even if you go with different CTAs, make sure that you’re encouraging visitors to take actions on your site that directly and indirectly leads to more desired outcomes. Improving your conversion rate this way can definitely lead to more customers and more revenue.

Add Pop-Ups for Quick Lead Collection

Pop-ups are an underrated tactic used by marketers to improve conversion rate on websites and capture quality leads that would otherwise never be tracked. According to a recent study conducted by Sumo, the average conversion rate on all pop-ups on the Internet comes to about 3.09%. Imagine how much more your business your website could generate if you had the names, email address, and information on 3% or more of the visitors that came to your website looking for value. You could easily market and remarket to these users via email newsletters and paid ads across different platforms. You could also form a relationship with these users by offering them consistent value. Often, pop-ups are designed to offer users who complete forms free deliverables or discounts as incentivizes. Even if these offers don’t immediately convert audience members into customers, there is always more convincing that can be done through targeted messaging. Consider offering lead magnets or discounts, circling back with contacts via email marketing methods, and continuing to further your connection with them by offering more exclusive offers and discounts as time goes on. By using pop-ups to grab visitors’ attention to your site, you’ll inherently maximize lead collection and generate more profit.

Build Trust with Testimonials and Certifications

Part of the reason that visitors to your site might not be converting is pretty simple: they don’t know you like that. These users are unfamiliar with your business, its legitimacy, its physical location, the standards that you operate on, and why they should trust you with their problems. This issue calls for marketers to add trust building elements to their website and landing pages to enhance the perceived legitimacy of their business. Help visitors out by showing them industry-related certification badges, reviews/testimonials, contact information, office photos, professional affiliations, and more. You can expect these kinds of trust building elements to improve your website’s conversion rate by convincing more site visitors to subscribe to the legitimacy of your business.

Offer Clear Value Propositions

Last, but certainly not least, make your company’s value proposition crystal clear when communicating it via your business’s website. Ask yourself these questions: What does my business do? What services and service packages do we offer? What problem does our product/service solve in the world? Once you have a clearly defining value proposition put together, make sure that it’s being communicated efficiently to people who land on your site looking for information. Without a description of your business’s products and/or services readily available to them, visitors lose interest and bounce out to find a site representing a business that will clearly explain itself.

Get Expert Help Improving Your Website Conversion Rate

Oftentimes, business owners and marketers on their staff have so many projects to take ownership of that website CRO is put on the backburner. Don’t leave business on the table when a couple of design and content edits to your site could create a difference to your yearly bottom line. Contact Geek Powered Studios today for expert-level work on your website and its efficiency. With the professional help that Geek Powered Studios provides, you can expect your website conversion rate to rise higher and higher, making marketing easier for your whole team.

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