How To Leave A Google Review

Where Are My Google Reviews?

If you recently noticed that your Google Plus page is missing reviews, you're not alone. Many business owners are frustrated with not being able to find their Google reviews, but don't worry, they aren’t missing — they've just moved.

Earlier this week, Google released a major update to the Google plus interface that included a new design aesthetic, and in the process removed the reviews section. On the old Google+ design, you could click on the “About” tab to leave a review or read a review. The new Google Plus has no review functionality included. (see before and after screen shots below)

Old Google Plus

New Google Plus

How to leave reviews in the new Google Plus

With the new Google+, there are now 2 ways to read or write reviews:

1. Leave a review through the knowledge graph in SERPs: If your Google+ page is correctly integrated with your website, you will be able to search your business name and see a “write a review” button in the knowledge graph. Click the button to leave reviews.

2. Leave a review in Google Maps: Search your business name in Google Maps. At the bottom of the left sidebar, you will see a link that says “Write a Review.”

Why Did Google Remove reviews from Google Plus?

There could be several reasons for this change, but the most plausible explanation is that Google is working towards killing off Google Plus (after the social portion of the platform failed to take off) and therefore is separating reviews to another area.

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