Improving Klaviyo Email Open Rates

As we enter the final quarter of 2020, it’s become clearer and clearer how we, as a society, are as overwhelmed as ever with messaging and forms of mass communication. Whether it comes to promotional channels such as email newsletters, text marketing, social media feeds, and Google Ads, or interpersonal messaging platforms such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DM, people all over the world are constantly being bombarded with more information and sales pitches than any other time in history. With this in mind, marketers must ask themselves, what incentives do individuals in my target demographic have that encourage them to acknowledge my messages? What clear benefits do they have to read my message, engage with it’s content, and eventually visit my website to become a lead or customer of mine?

These are questions that thousands of email marketers around the country are asking themselves as we speak. Luckily, the digital marketing specialists at Geek Powered Studios have you covered with our “3 Tips on Improving Your Klaviyo Email Open Rates”. Klaviyo is one of our most-recommended email marketing platforms for marketers to use to communicate with their lists of contacts. Whether you use Klaviyo or another messaging platform, these tips can help you connect more effectively with your contacts and get them excited about your offerings.

Write Impactful Subject Lines & Be Intentional with Timing

When sifting through their personal email inbox, the average consumer scrolls without much regard for the business offerings or discounts that are present. However, that’s only true if the offerings are from an unfamiliar or irrelevant source or if the offers don’t relate to their state of mind at that moment. A good example might be someone who’s just woken up at 6:00 AM on a Monday morning. When this person checks their email in the morning, a company’s email announcement of a new dog food flavor they’re selling might not resonate with them because it doesn’t tap into their mindset at that point in the day. While getting ready for the morning commute quickly, very few forms of messaging would resonate with this person at this time.

All of this is to say that in order to maximize your Klaviyo email open rates, craft your subject lines with the end user’s needs in mind while also being strategic about the days and times you send these messages. To reverse engineer your subject line, ask yourself what your market is like nowadays? What are their priorities? Are customers price-sensitive, health-conscious, or are current events driving them into different emotional states than before. To get the best results, frame your subject lines as though you’re trying to provide the reader with value that they can benefit from as soon as possible. “Limited time only” specials, lists of tips/tricks, how-to content, along with promotional angles, can help you get more experimental with the subject lines you include in Klaviyo. If you can maximize your email’s subject line and be intentional with the timing in which you distribute it, it has the best shot at improving your Klaviyo email open rate and connecting with a potential customer in the right way.

Improve your Sender Reputation

When it comes to email lists with contacts collected from all types of sources, forming a solid rapport with your potential customers can either make or break your campaign. There are some big no-no’s to avoid when it comes to sender’s reputation. These actions can cause the effectiveness of your newsletter to tank if you’re not careful. First of all, do your best not to send duplicate messages to people as a result of their placement in multiple lists. Keeping your lists organized accordingly can help a lot with this. Also, keep in mind that a large portion of these individuals are just getting to know your brand and what you have to offer. While there are business objectives to reach for, don’t overwhelm potential customers with super frequent email messages. This can cause people to tune out your messaging, view it as spam, and mentally rule you out of your email filtering process.

Adjust Contact Lists & Test for Insights

One way that Klaviyo users can explore the user mindset is to experiment with different segments inside the platform. One would assume that since different visitors to a site interact differently with the content there, those differences might reflect their position in the buyers’ journey. What if a user inputs their email address on the homepage, visited 10+ product pages afterward, added 2 items to their cart, and ultimately abandoned the cart? It’d be fair to assume that they’re further along than a user who scrolled to the bottom of the homepage and left after inputting their email address. To zero in on these “hot leads”, use Klaviyo to create segments of your list which reflect users that commit actions that are good signs for business. Once you have a couple of segmented lists arranged, create a targeted strategy regarding messages that will resonate with contacts at invested stages of the buyer’s journey. Because you’ve zeroed in on contacts who are involved and actively seeking solutions in your field, it should take you far less experimenting and effort to turn those “warm leads” into customers.

Maximize Klaviyo Email Open Rates with Geek Powered Studios

Leveraging the effectiveness of email marketing can require a level of investment and time that not every business owner has available. Researching best practices, experimenting with different tactics, testing messages, and tracking results can be a full-time job for any marketer. At Geek Powered Studios, our team has dedicated specialists that will dive into the data for you, conduct research, and implement email marketing in a way that gives your business the best chance at real, profitable results. Our expertise has boosted monthly email revenue for clients, and those gains can be yours as well. Contact our email marketing team at Geek Powered Studios today to get a free consultation on your email marketing goals and needs.

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