We're An Austin SEO Company Now Too

Ever since I've visited Austin, I could not shake the idea of expanding into this wonderful city. Having attended 2 SXSW events and visited friends who work for various computer companies such as Dell and HP, I quickly fell in love with the Austin, the tech culture and its ever evolving list of things to do. Growing Geek Powered was a no brainer given the demand for our services and the excellent reputation we've cultivated. The expansion was always naturally going to be Austin.

Google Fiber In Austin - Yes!

The City of Austin and Google jointly announced that Google Fiber is coming to Austin and I can't be more excited. This only strengthened our decision to expand and will play a pivotal role in our productivity. We rely on the internet to get all of our work done for clients, so having connections speeds of up to 100x's faster than what we currently have will no doubt change the way we do business.Google Fiber will be a huge incentive for start ups to move to the city and establish an office here. We were already convinced Austin was a great fit for our company, but this just makes the deal even sweeter.

New faces

Recently we began searching for another geek to help bolster our campaigns for clients in Austin. We searched long and hard for someone who is just as passionate as us when it comes to search and we are happy to announce that John Leo Weber will be joining our team of geeks! John comes to us with a background in marketing for the music industry and will be putting his skills to the test building and optimizing client sites. Finding great people is very hard so we are ecstatic to have John join us.

We Geek,You Profit.

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