What Our Agency Learned Switching From WordPress To Webflow

Here at Geek Powered Studios, we recently switched our agency’s website from its long-time platform of WordPress to Webflow. We’ve been using the platform to build new client sites as well. After using WordPress for so long, we were a little hesitant to make the move. We had many questions about Webflow, like how easy it is to design on the platform and how the site will perform in terms of SEO. Geek Powered Studios has used Webflow for a while now to build landing pages, but as we dived into using it as a platform for full-blown websites, we learned a lot about Webflow and its differences from WordPress. In this post from the Geek Powered Studios blog, we’ll discuss some of the things our agency learned after making the switch from WordPress to Webflow.

Average Design Time Cut By 1/3

Right off the bat, the first thing our team noticed is how much faster web design can be completed inside of Webflow as compared to WordPress. While WordPress is fairly simple to use regarding installing themes and plugins, as well as managing content, achieving a truly custom website on the platform can be a lot of work. Achieving things like custom designs and animations often seem to be much more complicated than they should be when using WordPress. With Webflow, our designers noted how much easier it is to accomplish pretty much everything. From outstanding custom sections to unforgettable animations, it’s much easier to get it done in Webflow than it was when using WordPress. From what we’ve seen from the client sites we’ve built, average design time has been cut by ⅓, due to the ease of use and accessibility of Webflow.

Huge Improvements In Site Speed & PageSpeed Insights

One of the major reasons we decided to start using Webflow instead of WordPress is how much faster the average Webflow site is compared to a WordPress site. While there are many helpful plugins within WordPress to achieve a faster site, we always found that these plugins left things to be desired. Whether they didn’t cover all the bases in terms of improving the user experience, or the plugin didn’t help achieve a higher score in PageSpeed insights, WordPress simply isn’t the fastest website platform around. Additionally, many of these plugins create additional code, further slowing the site down and lowering the PageSpeed insights score.

When we moved over to Webflow, we noticed that the site just has more zip. It’s quicker, it’s cleaner, and it has a higher PageSpeed insights score than when it was hosted on WordPress.

No Plugins Required

Webflow doesn’t require any plugins whatsoever. While some agencies may look at this as a downside that will make tasks harder, the fact of the matter is that Webflow simply doesn’t need any plugins. Everything you’d need to do on a website is already built into the platform. Things like easily editing header and footer codes (for the whole site and per page), establishing 301 Redirects, and editing SEO settings like Meta Title & Description are all baked-in and require no additional plugins to get the job done. On the other hand, accomplishing these things on WordPress would require 3 separate plugins that will further hinder the site and slow it down. With Webflow, the code is crisp, clean, and without any additional bloat like unused Javascript and CSS that is so common with WordPress sites bogged down by a number of plugins.

Interested In Making The Switch From WordPress To Webflow? The Geeks Can Get It Done!

At Geek Powered Studios, we’re so excited to be diving headfirst into Webflow as our primary website building platform of choice. Of course, we still build WordPress sites if the customer requests it, but we’ve been recommending Webflow to our newer customers (and older ones that want a site redesign) due to the reasons we listed above. This blog post is only scratching the surface of why Webflow is the future of web design. If you’re interested in making the switch from WordPress to Webflow, the team here at Geek Powered Studios would be ecstatic to assist you. To learn more about our Webflow web design services, give us a call or reach out to us online today.

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