Why Your Business Needs a Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is one of the most powerful resources you can invest in for your website.

In today’s evolving digital ecosystem, it’s important to keep your website aligned with the current best practices and industry standards. The goal of a comprehensive SEO technical audit is just that - to analyze your site’s architecture, evaluate its current standing, and provide recommendations to bring your site in line with current standards. Objectively, this will yield recovery and growth of your site’s organic traffic, achieve quick wins, establish healthy fundamentals, create a baseline, and uncover obstructions to conversion. A technical SEO audit will allow for the identification of issues that could work against future SEO initiatives, and as a result, hinder business growth.

The ultimate goal is to provide a technically sound website with content that search spiders can easily crawl, and consumers can easily find in organic search.

For our site audits, we have developed a formulaic methodology that evaluates seven key dimensions:

  1. Content quality
  2. Technical and UX quality
  3. Link analysis
  4. Social quality
  5. Analytics
  6. Local search
  7. Mobile

Each of these dimensions are evaluated and scored based on a statistical model where scores are weighted for overall importance and potential negative impact, then an overall score for each section is calculated.

Once the audit is complete, we deliver a summarized presentation of our insights and analysis, with actionable and prioritized next steps. This deliverable serves as a great starting point for creating a holistic digital strategy, yet also serves as a great tool for routine maintenance checks on your website by dissecting the innermost layers of your business’ online presence.

Content Quality

Good, quality content is key to building a website with strong SEO. Making sure a site's content is rich and valuable for users plays a strong role in your overall rankings and website health. Additional factors include your meta descriptions, and keyword structure. Keywords can have a negative impact if overused or used too loosely, and the difference between rich and thin content can rely on keyword use. Combing through content with a strong editorial eye can set your site up for continued future success.

Technical and UX Quality

Apart from the content, it's important that your website is technically sound and can deliver a good user experience, while still maintaining search engine crawlability. This dimension looks for how technically optimized a website is, as well as for any manual penalties on the site. Diving into sitemaps, proper redirects, canonical tags, and many other factors can uncover how strong the technical quality of a website is.

Link Analysis

What kind of websites does your site have linking to it? Is it a healthy, colorful gamut of different links across your vertical, or is it filled with spam and poor quality links? Links play such a vital role in search engine rankings and overall site authority, it's important to take a thorough, deep look at links to see if there's any that may be dragging your site down.

Social Quality

Your brand's place in social media can offer good signals as to the total health of your site. Making sure your Facebook, Twitter and other channels are up-to-date, and engaging with your audience is important to maintaining a quality web presence. Ensuring every social platform matches your website and brand creates a more thorough, diverse space for people to find and interact with you.


How much do you really know about how your site is performing if you're not using Google Analytics to track every detail of your site? Diving into your analytics can help find weak points and track trends, which can help bolster a strong SEO strategy. Seeing historical data can show growth, and find areas of improvement on your site, so future campaigns can fully realize expectations.

Local Search

If your business has physical locations, showing up in local search results makes it easier to be found, and for people nearby to use your services. Ensuring your address is in the map pack, and taking a close look on what your local profile and engagement looks like can really drive new and recurring business.

Mobile Design

Now that over half of searches occur from smartphones, auditing website responsiveness and mobile-readiness can help take a detailed look at how people are viewing your site on the go. Making sure that a site is designed for mobile first is a tell-tale indicator that a site is prepared for the future in our rapidly mobilizing search world.

Through deep-diving into these seven key areas, a technical SEO audit can help find where your website is succeeding, what areas can be improved, and find new campaigns and opportunities for future growth.

Developing your online business model is an extremely lucrative investment in the future of your business. Get started by filling out our form today!

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